My passion for jewellery began at a very young age.

My adventure to create and sell pieces of art began at the young age of 12 during March break, when I visited a small bead store in downtown Cambridge, Ontario.  That’s when I learned how to “crimp” on wire, where I would eventually start creating pieces for family members.  The small adventure of March break evolved into a small business where I sold to my elementary school friends, teachers, family, and eventually embarked on my journey in selling to over 5 galleries by the age of 14.  I was featured in the Cambridge Times that year in an article “Local Teen Puts Talents to Work”.

For me it has been more than making necklaces or earrings or bracelets – it has been an outlet of creativity.  It has served as an escape and comfort in challenging times, as well as place to reflect on many moments.  Something good always came out of these times – and most of the time they were my most creative pieces!

For every piece, I am personally involved in handpicking the stones where the focus is both on the quality as well as how the piece will come together to form a wearable piece of art.  I source from where the specialty lies to ensure my clients go home with not only a one of a kind design, but also a piece with the highest quality. 

It is as a form of wearable art.

Our passion is our strength, I am grateful that I discovered mine at a very young age.

I hope you love these pieces just as much as I enjoyed putting them together.